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Make any guitar effects rack into a signal pedal


This project will help digital luthiers like me:   It's time-consuming to hand-write DSP code, but also extremely rewarding to make embedded instruments.  I am glad many people supported this project so that it can happen.  I will personally like to use it to make DSP Music Instruments for musicians.  Please contact me if you are a musician and would like me to design an instrument for you using the Axoloti.

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Why is this so Important?


Modular Synthesizer Editing - Digital Modulars are much faster and easier to use than writing DSP code.  You don't have to be a programmer to update the sound of your instrument - although you would still benefit from the assistance of a digital luthier.  It's also easier to share patches than analog modulars.  Your digital luthier can email you patch updates while you're on tour!

DSP - Digital Signal Processing gives instrument designers incredible power and freedom to make wonderful instruments custom-suited to performers' needs.  It lets them continuously update the sound.





  The amount of beautiful new electronic instruments it will enable is almost too gorgeous for me to imagine - picture a ferris wheel through a kaleidoscope. We've been writing DSP code by hand, but this project will make it soooo much easier for us and therefore help us get brilliant instruments into the hands of musicians.



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