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One of the best chips to ever grace the DIY music scene. A powerful chip, roughly equivalent to a VST Plug-in or  2 Stomp Boxes.  SpinSemi sells development kits at a very attractive price.

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Demo videos of guitar pedals made with an FV-1


Intro video to SpinCad Designer:




Protect your FV-1 development system while you're developing with it.


 Open Case of Centurion


The only problem is that the FV-1 development kit is that it's so awesome, you're going to want to use it with the rest of your instruments.  It's a delicate development board.  Protect it with this kit!

For $50 + shipping, the crew at DIYDSP will send you a kit of parts to protect your FV-1 development board and transform it into the guitar-pedal-prototyping platform of your dreams.  Write to us.

The kit includes a 9v battery holder, 1/4" instrument jacks and a guitar pre-amp.  Plugging a guitar pedal into the input jack switches on the FV-1, just like a regular stomp box.

This kit consists of:

  1. Easily drillable/sliceable plastic video cassette case
  2. Four 1/4" jacks for stereo in and out.  The main input jack also contains a built-in switch.
  3. 9V battery holder
  4. Guitar pre-amp board
  5. Plastic standoffs to make your FV-1 development board hover in mid-air.


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