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Aristocrat Guitar Pedal

 New Update!  Release 2.0 of Aristocrat Effects!


  • SpaceyLoops played with the ArpeggSynth02 program on Aristocrat.

DIYDSP showed the Aristocrat at the Rhode Island Maker Faire 2012! 

At the fair, we converted the pitch scaler program written for the demo firmware into a sequenced pitch scaler program, making a guitar-arpeggiator in the process!

We gave out the following flyer to get people excited!

Example Effects Page #1

Example Effects Page #2

Getting started with development


This pedal is built with beefy, durable parts.  It's like the Boss pedals you grew up with.  However, in place of fixed circuits, it uses a technology called Digital Signal Processing (DSP) to allow customization-by-software.  The same pedal can transform and manifest itself as many different sounds - a distortion or a phaser or something else your cousin helped you code up one afternoon.  Even better?  You already know how to use the software: it's the Maple IDE, which is based on the Arduino development environment.  More about that later.

Why do all of this?  So you can copy, share and modify guitar effects, making and exchanging new sounds and learning as you go.  The Aristocrat is the pedal that can go anywhere and become anything.  This technology is almost like a VST and other plugins, except that it's a real, durable piece of hardware that you can stomp on like the classic orange Boss DS-1 pedals, the green Ibanez TS-9 fuzzboxes you grew up with, the white digital delay pedal you bought from a guy for $50 but you only had $20 on you at the time and he gave it to you anyway and you paid him another $20 the next time you saw 5 years later at a picnic?

Where to get effects programs


 New Update!  Release 2.0 of Aristocrat Effects!

You can get new effects simply by downloading them from the internet and uploading them into the pedal over USB.   You trade the files like jpegs and mp3s. Since all of the programs are written in the Maple IDE, you get to the source code at any time.  That makes it very, very tempting to ..

Customize the pedal to your taste!

Wish you could roll-off the high-end just a little bit on your tone...?  So change a single parameter in the program.    All of the hard stuff - electronics design and device drivers - has been written for you by pioneers in the open source movement.  They made it run on three different platforms.  All you have to do is twist the knobs to get new sounds you like, or modify a handful of lines in a program to update the programs.  It's hard to believe it, but technology has come this far :)

How is this possible?  The Aristocrat is an integration of existing designs.   Its processor is the Maple, which is based on the Arduino, but much faster, while remaining pin-compatible.   Still however, the onboard ARM CPU can not make full 16-bit CD sound.  ...  which is why the folks at DIYDSP make the Aristocrat by merging a Maple with an AudioCodecShield from OpenMusicLabs.  If you like, you can put one of these together using your own parts and our design.  Or save yourself the ordering and you can buy a kit of parts from us here at DIYDSP.  Or if you're not feeling like soldering this week or want to give it as a gift you can register.


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