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Do-It-Yourself Digital Signal Processing

Techniques to design music instruments with DSP.

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News!  Release 2.0 of Aristocrat Effects!


How to build an Aristocrat Programmable Guitar Pedal


The Hoxton Owl Programmable Guitar Pedal


    - Newest Version of OWLNest!


DSP on the STM32F4 (Cortex M4)

Videos of what this is all about

This website connects you to know-how to build your own electronic musical instruments like: keyboards, synthesizers, drum machines, programmable guitar pedals, samplers, delays, and acoustic/electronic hybrids.  If you would like to get only the most important updates to this site, fill out our contact form.

"There is immense pleasure in learning to do something skillfully." - Alan Watts

Why learn Digital Signal Processing (DSP)?           To create interesting sounds and music!

If you daydream of sounds no one has heard or want to design or build a digital music instrument, guitar pedal, audio effect, or make a new type of music no has ever heard before, you share this dream with the luthiers of this age.  See the Free Information sections below to find how DSP instruments put the power in your hands to apply your creativity to the shaping and crafting of sound.  In this new dimension, you find designers, builders, players, composers, listeners .... all converging around music instruments.  It's a tradition reaching back in time to before people entered the sedentary age - DIYDSP.com connects all techniques together into fresh musical sounds you can perform and record with.  Please register on this site to get access to the member pages and access members-only designs.


Sweetest Options

 New Update!  Release 2.0 of Aristocrat Effects!

In particular, we believe in the Maple / AudioCodecShield combination known as the Aristocrat, due to its ARM Cortex M3 chip, high 16-bit audio-quality and cross-platform (win/lin/osx) compatibility. When you register, you get access to plans to build your own Aristocrat which can be the basis of a DSP guitar effects pedal and much more - it's based on the Arduino software, so you may already have written code for it.  :)   

Large online shops carry a large number of DIY parts; only DIYDSP.com concentrates on digital music instrument parts.  We organize them into specific things that you need to make electronic instruments. DIYDSP tells you why certain parts work better than others.


The most immediately useful stores for digital luthiery: 

        BuildInstruments.com      Open Music Labs         Leaf Labs       Tindie Sound Store


Programmable Guitar Pedals

DIYDSP Music Instruments

  • For Electronic Instrument Kits, diydsp.com helps designers burst a door wide open.  In the mean time, see our shelves.
  • For Acoustic Instrument Kits, find interesting ones  like kanteles, dulcimers, and theremins, on the store shelf.


Completed Boutique Instruments

When looking for DIY instruments, DIYDSP introduces the boutique stores run by experienced electronic music instrument designers who show you how to build synthesizers and guitar pedals: 

       Burnkit2600 Store               Casper Electronics            Handmade Electronic Instruments    


Electronic Music Instrument Parts

For DSP and Electronic Music Instrument Development boards, DIYDSP shows you where to get raw materials:

BuildInstruments.com     Open Music Labs        Leaf Labs        ChipKit Series       Digilent   

    Tindie Music Store       Line6      element 14         Dangerous Prototypes       Cute Digi




DSP Books

DSP techniques are excellent for making music.  You can utilize ideas which are widely-known from science.  Small computers are now fast enough to work with audio, so this is a new field.  That's why I recommend looking at these books in particular:

sci_eng_guide.jpg   understanding_dsp.jpg dsp_embedded_realtime.jpg embedded_DSP_design.jpg dsp_parker.jpg

  • Scientist and Engineer's Guide To see code examples you can use overnight to make sound and music, check out Steve Smith's book.  It includes easy-to-read code - It's in BASIC: Everyone can understand BASIC!  If you look carefully, you can even find that book in legal PDF form or just register on this site instead of googling.


Free Information and Examples

  •  Digi_instruments - An amazing multireddit created by DIYDSP for digital luthiers!  It's an automatic combination of 10-12 relevant places fo 
  • Luthiers and practitioners of the arts
  • Digital music design
  • Microcontroller and DSP development kits. 

BTW, commercial kits and plans may be easily found on Amazon.



DSP Theory:   


DSP FAQs ( Frequency-Asked Questions! )


Guitar Pedal building

  • Related Sub-Reddits:





Bonus DIY Information

DIYDSP is part of a larger world DIY movement on gardening, farming, metalworking, sewing, cooking, programming, etc. 

See also: diy Elmo  hack-a-day


-N, DIYDSP Music Store



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Join us -  We're making a journey into sound.

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